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Although bee swarm removal is not a task for the inexperienced, it doesn’t mean hiring a pest control company to eradicate the insects is the best option. Bees are vital to the health of any ecosystem and should be kept alive if possible. Beekeepers who want to keep the creatures alive can humanely remove bees.

Pre-qualified bee removal experts are widely available and are eager to relocate a hive from your property. They are also trained to repair the damage created by hives or excess honey. Contact Honey Bee Rescuers for help from a professional bee removal company.

Common Bee Species

Honey Bee

The honey bee is a widespread flying insect known for collecting nectar from flowers and producing honey. Honey bees are mustard yellow and brown in color. They have a stocky body with a lot of hairs on it that pollen sticks to. The primary commercial value of the honey bee is as a crop pollinator.

Image of African Honeybee

Bumble Bee

The Bumblebee is a social insect known for collecting nectar from flowers and pollinating plants. Bumblebees are big yellow and black flying insects that make a distinctive buzzing sound. Bumblebees come in a variety of colors, and some species have bands of red, yellow, and black. They have a stocky body with a lot of hairs on it that pollen sticks to.

Carpenter bee

Carpenter bees are bulky black and yellow insects that measure about an inch in length. They look like bumblebees, but their abdomen (back end) is black and shiny instead of the yellow hairs that bumblebees have. Females can sting, but only when provoked. The males are unable to sting. Females have a black face, and males have a yellow face.


  • Inspection – identification of entry points and what is attracting the insects.
  • Bee Removal & Relocation – The queen is placed into a mobile hive and the rest will follow. Stragglers are scooped up and put into the mobile hive. 
  • Hive Clean Up – A thorough cleaning of hive materials and left over honey.
  • Damage Repair – Replacement of wood and siding damaged by bee hive construction

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“My bee infestation was removed Unbelievably fast.”

Honey bees were swarming the siding of my home and I was afraid to allow my kids and dogs into the backyard. Honey Bee Rescuers had a beekeeper at my home the next day and the bees were removed so fast I couldn’t believe it. I will defiantly will call them again if the bees decide to return!

Molly Finnegan

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