Is It Illegal To Kill Bees?

Are Bees Protected By Law?

Image of large honeybee colony

Can Bees Be Legally Killed?

It is a common misconception that killing bees is strictly prohibited. It all depends on how the bee is killed. The use of natural liquids, swatting, or administering EPA-approved chemical solutions to kill a bee is not prohibited by law. However, it is illegal to use pesticides that the federal government has banned.

After it was discovered that honey bee populations were declining, the US Senate and House of Representatives passed the Pollinator Protection Act in 2008. The federal government has taken precautions to protect bee populations since then, including creating the Pollinator Health Task Force in 2014 and the introduction of two bills in 2015, Saving America’s Pollinators Act and the Highways, Bettering the Economy and Environment Pollinator Protection Act.

Should I Kill Bees?

The world would be in serious trouble without bees. Bees pollinate 70 of the 100 crop species that account for the majority of the world’s food. In some areas, honey bees have been mysteriously disappearing. They’ve been abandoning their hives during the winter when they should be hibernating and dying from the cold. Scientists believe that this is due in part to people’s fear of bees, which causes them to spray dangerous chemicals to kill them. It’s important to remember that most bees won’t sting you unless you swat them or threaten them. There are, however, some bees that are more aggressive and may sting you.

When possible, you should avoid killing bees because of their importance to the environment. If you need bees removed from your property, contact a honey bee removal expert to relocate the hive humanely.

Who To Contact For Humane Bee Removal?

A local beekeeper will be best suited for humane bee removal. Avoid extermination companies as they often kill bees rather than relocating them to a different location. Honey Bee Rescuers is here to connect homeowners with humane beekeepers in their area.