How Long Does It Take A Beekeeper To Remove A Hive?

How Quickly Is Bee Removal Preformed?

Image of bee keeper relocating honey bees

How Long Does Professional Bee Removal Take?

From start to finish, the beehive removal process takes about 4 hours, but it can take less or more time depending on the beehive removal job’s difficulty and size. Factors that affect how quickly a hive is relocated includes:

  • Hive Size
  • Location Of The Bee Hive (inside walls, attics, underneath porches)
  • Ability To Locate The Queen Bee
  • Amount Of Bees That Follow The Queen Into A Mobile Hive

Does Hive Size Affect How Fast Bees Can be Removed?

Without a doubt, the size of the beehive will affect the speed at which the infestation can be removed. Larger hives can contain thousands of bees that may be reluctant to enter mobile hives. More enormous hives also make it challenging to locate the queen bee, which plays a considerable role in bee removal. Worker bees will follow the queen, so finding her as soon as possible is vital to bee removal.

Smaller hives are typically removed within an hour or two, but more extensive infestations will take several hours.

Will Bee Removal Take Longer If The Hive Is Inside My Home?

Infestations often occur in wall voids or attics within homes. Tight spaces make bee relocation more challenging, but it’s never impossible. Removal of bees in the home often requires more time because the hives are larger. It may be months by the time a homeowner realizes bees are in their walls. At this point, the hive has had plenty of time to reproduce and construct an extensive comb system.

How To Get Rid Of Bees Quickly?

A common mistake homeowners make is believing the bees will eventually leave on their own. If your property provides a constant food source and shelter, the bees will remain. The only way to have the bees gone as fast as possible, contact a bee removal expert at the first sign of an infestation. The longer the bees are allowed to stay, the larger the colony will grow, making removal more difficult.