How Can Bee Control Experts Repair Damage?

Photo of bee hive inside a home

What Are The Signs Of Bee Damage?

A common sign of an infestation is dark patches on your walls or ceilings. This is because honeybees have built a nest in-between your walls or above your ceiling (honey is spewing out from the hive). The honey from these nests will stain your walls and ceilings, leaving dark patches. As a result, this, combined with an abundance of bees around your home, is a sure sign that you have a honeybee infestation.

The most visible evidence of a carpenter bee problem is holes punched into the wood around the exterior of your home. On the ground beneath the bored hole, sawdust may be visible. A combination of bee pollen and excrement causes the openings to the holes to be yellow. Male bees are also known for buzzing wildly at their nest entrances and lingering in people’s faces. Because of the potential for harm caused by carpenter bees, you should seek professional help if you see signs of an infestation.

Unlike other bee species, bumblebees are not known for creating property damage. Since this type of bee nests underground, it’s more likely that they become a nuisance in the yard rather than inside your home. Even though bumblebees may not inflict the same aesthetic property damage as carpenter bees, they can pose a serious health risk to people who are allergic to bee stings, especially if the bumblebee nests are located near a property’s doorway or a recreational area.

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How To Repair Bee Damage?

Carpenter Bee DamageMost bee damage is structural and requires wood structures to be repaired or replaced. Carpenter bees are notorious for chewing tunnels through wood, leaving the structure weak and causing a collapse. Repairs can begin once the infestation is removed correctly. The type of repair is dependant upon the severity of the damage. If the infestation is caught early, the leftover carpenter bee holes can be filled with silicone. On the other hand, if the damage is too extreme, boards will have to be removed and replaced with new ones.

Plugging and sealing Carpenter bee holes is the best approach to repair wood damage caused by carpenter bees and to prevent them from nesting in your wood.

Once you’ve established that you have carpenter bee damage, the following step is to eradicate it. While you’re at it, you should also take precautions to guarantee that they don’t return to your home by securing all woods and woody products.

Bee damage can be treated using one of two methods. You have two options: fill the hole and exterminate the bees (carpenter bee), or remove nesting materials and relocate the bees (honey bee).

How To Prevent Bee Damage?

The best way to prevent bee damage is to keep bees away from your home. Keeping all food covered, especially in the summer, is one of the most effective ways to avoid bee infestations. Bees will be drawn to all cuisines, but they will be particularly drawn to sweet and sugary foods such as fruit, cakes, sweets, and carbonated beverages. Trash bins should always be secured because bees will swarm exposed food in trash bins. If bees can be swarming on your property, close all windows and doors. If you suspect that the bees have begun nest construction on your property, contact a bee control company right away to remove the nest before costly damage can occur. 

Who To Contact For Bee Damage Repair?

When considering who to contact for bee damage repair, homeowners should look for bee removal professionals with experience. Damage repair requires a keen eye that can identify structural weak points and, in return, will prevent further repair costs in the future.

The Honey Bee Rescuers are here to help with all bee control, damage repair, and prevention needs. Our network of pre-qualified is more than capable of repairing honey or carpenter bee damage and protecting your home against future bee infestations. Send us a message and let’s get your bee damage repaired today!