Cavapoo For Sale

Cavapoo For Sale

So, you've heard that there's a Cavapoo for sale, but you're not sure the little charmer will be the right dog for you. In the interest of happy dog ownership for all, we are pleased to present a few tips and tricks for choosing the perfect pooch.

1. Begin with breed

Opt for the right breed, and your relationship with your new pup will be off to an ideal start. With hundreds of breeds and hybrids to choose from, be sure to do the research before you bring your new pet home. Some dogs are naturally aggressive and others may show a tendency to dig up your yard. If you desire a gentle pup with neither of those traits, a Cavapoo could be just right.

2. Male or female?

Many people prefer to share a house with a female dog, thinking that she will be less aggressive than a typical male. This is not necessarily how it works out, however. The gender of the little Cavapoo for sale that you want won't matter at all if you are responsible and have your new pet neutered or spayed.

3. How much exercise will your new dog need?

Being a small-sized crossbreed means that Cavapoos require less daily exercise than a bigger dog. Nonetheless, you will need to treat your Cavapoo to a minimum of one long walk every day. Walk your dog daily, and you'll bound to boost your health and improve your pet's happiness levels, too.

4. How much will grooming be required?

As low maintenance as they are, Cavapoos for sale does require regular washing, brushing, ear cleaning, nail clipping and other grooming tasks. Cavapoos are prone to tear stains that are easy to wipe off with a soft, damp cloth.

5. Is the dog easy to train?

Cavapoos are smart little dogs that learn very quickly. As with any other dog breed, repetition, perseverance, and consistency are key. 15 minutes of gentle hand training per day will help your pup grow into a well-adjusted adult Cavapoo. Never treat your Cavapoo harshly, even if potty training takes a bit longer than with other dog breeds.

6. How is the dog's temperament?

If you are looking for a dog with an adorable temperament, a Cavapoo for sale might be precisely the companion for you. Little Cavapoos generally get along with kids, cats, visitors and other household pets. Intelligent and happy to be around people, this little dog has a big heart.

7. Will the dog trigger allergies?

The trusty little Cavapoo was designed to be more hypoallergenic than other dog breeds. As a rule, Cavapoos are not notorious shedders and produce little dander to make people sneeze.

8. What sort of take-home starter kit included with the price of Cavapoo for sale?

  • Personal puppy health record
  • AKC International micro-chip with lifetime registration
  • Pedigree papers
  • 2-year health guarantee
  • Responsible shipping is available

Hill Peak Pups are family breeders in SW Washington state. For additional info, or to inquire about a Cavapoo for sale, please call (360)837-2300.