Building Shoring Belle Chasse

Building Shoring Belle Chasse

Moving an entire structure from one area to another is called structural relocation. When relocating a house, protruding parts like chimneys are removed first. Additionally, overhead cables and trees may need to be moved aside and cut if they’re in the way. To transport a building with everything intact, professional movers raise the structure and then push it on temporary rails if its new location is just close by. But if it’s far away, flatbed trucks are used to relocate the structure. At Patterson Structural Moving & Shoring, we offer second to none structural relocation and building shoring in Belle Chasse.

Not only are we pros at moving homes, but we also ensure structures are carefully and safely relocated. Whether it’s simply moving your house to the piece of land next door or relocating it across town, we provide a better alternative to demolition. We also provide home elevation and home raising services.

Reasons For Relocating A House

There are various reasons why you might want to move a structure, including:

Prevent Structural Damage From Foundation Failure

The last thing you want is your home to cave in overnight. Unfortunately, a faulty foundation can cause this to happen. If you learn that your house has a weak foundation, shoring contractors can temporarily lift homes and buildings, enabling you to repair or replace the foundation.

Selling Land

If you wish to sell the land on which your house sits but don’t want to sell your home, house relocation can be the perfect solution. No matter if you need to sell your land because of financial reasons or have your eyes set on a better lot, you can move your house to the new location instead of selling your land and home as a package deal.

Save On Building Cost

Constructing a new building from scratch can be pretty expensive in these current economic times. That said, the cost will vary based on the type of structure you’re planning to make and the materials used.

For instance, new construction made from bricks or stones is fairly affordable. And if your house is made out of these materials, it’s probably stable enough for relocation, which can save you money in the end.

Preserve History

A lot of buildings have stood for decades or even centuries. If a structure has importance to the community or your family, it may be relocated to preserve its history. A trusted construction and shoring company will confirm if it’s possible to safely relocate such a structure from one point to the other. Expert movers can move the structure without compromising its integrity.

Protect Your Structure Against Natural Disasters

Some areas are more prone to floods and hurricanes. If your home is located in areas likely to face natural disasters, you can consider relocating it to a safer place. While it may be costly, you’ll be protecting your home and loved ones.

Expert Structural Moving And Shoring Services

At Patterson Structural Moving & Shoring, we provide building shoring in Belle Chasse and complete house moving services. By hiring us, you get experts committed to moving your structure skillfully and safely. We know how important your home is to you and the memories you’ve created there. Because of this, we’ve streamlined our process to protect your home against damage when moving it. Call us to get a quote: 504-241-4500. 

Building Shoring Belle Chasse

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Building Shoring Belle Chasse

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